Canada Pride Show

August 12th, 10pm at Café Cléopatre Cabaret


Guest Artists:

Bringing drag out of the village – House of Laureen is Montreal’s premiere drag house of queer weirdos, artists, and performers. Known for their political theatrics and the variety of their acts, House of Laureen invites you to celebrate Pride with all your fabulous, weird, LGBTQIA+ family members!


Expect a show with variety! The artists of House of Laureen and their invited guests will be serving looks of all sorts: classic, trash, and cartoon drag. Rock and roll. All shades of skin, and all body-shapes and sizes! Burlesque! Song and dance! Who knows what else?! They will be teaching history, and showcasing the future of queer culture!


House of Laureen hopes to create a safer space during Pride, where people of colour, trans folks, and other marginalized groups can feel comfortable and in good company.Revolutionize Pride from the inside!We’re here! We’re queer! Get PROUD with us!